Saturday 17 March 2007

dwm - Dynamic Window Manager A truly minimalist X...

dwm - Dynamic Window Manager

A truly minimalist X window manager by Anselm R. Garbe, author of wmii.

Home page at

(See also dzen and dzen author's page).

To configure it, you edit dwm/config.h and recompile! We don't need no steenking config files.

An essential change from my point of view (emacs user) is to change Mod1Mask to Mod4Mask to use the Window key instead of the Alt key as the Modifier key.

I then recompile (very clean compile by the way), restart and presto! My dwm now uses the Window key as the Mod key.

I like its minimalist aesthetic and economy - 2135 lines of code (as reported by wc -l *.c *.h).

It should be ideal as an example to study how window managers work.

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